Vivid Senses offers a full suite of services to help you or your business with your web-content-related dilemmas. Some of the more popular ways we have been working with clients and partners:

Development of a Content Management System

  • Built on the popular WordPress platform
  • Customized and branded site aesthetic
  • Fabulous and unique home screen
  • Capability for unlimited site pages
  • Maintain archives of all your content
  • Integrate basic e-commerce solutions
  • Discussion and Community
    • integrate comment threads and discussion into your site
    • your site discussion can be integrated with Facebook
  • Site Search
    • through site pages or custom content
  • Social optimization
    • have your content ready to share

Web master training

  • Learn strategies to create effective site content, optimize your images

Optimized for mobile

  • Have your site accessible from the home screen of Mobile devices
    • Your users can get immediate access to vital information about your business with one tap
  • Integrate your site with Mobile devices and allow users to contact you directly from your home page

Newsletter signup

  • Integrate with popular email subscription services to push communications to interested prospects


  • Access Google Analytics on your site to determine which content is attracting the most attention
  • Make informed decisions about how to improve your outreach and online performance